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To Patients

To whom it may concern.

Notice to all medical physicians

By way of introduction, my name is Dr. Ian Hong and I practice dentistry in Toronto.

I'd like to recommend my invention "Care-Free Snore Stopper" for your patients. My product started its exposure to the market on Jan. 1st, 2006, when I first advertised it to the public. I am positive 97% of all snorers will experience success with my treatment unless there are congenital physical problems or air way distortion by accident. Feel free to try out my product firsthand by sending me your worst cases where other appliances and/or surgical operations have failed your patients.

I have spent over 10 years as a dentist experimenting and refining my design and its production. There are over 3 million patents on the market claiming to remedy this condition however; my Snore Stopper is different.

Believe it or not.
Surgical operations, Herbal remedies, various medications and many Anti-snoring devices and/or treatments
have been tried without completely success UNTIL now!
Just now exposed to the public. Guaranteed Results.
IT IS POSSIBLE NOW! Never say never!

Results may vary depending on whether the patient has any medical or physical conditions and problems. The success rate with my Snore Stopper is 97% and is on the up rise.

If you suffer from the effects of snoring and have been searching the market for ways to stop it, your search ends here. You are the right candidate to try my Snore Stopper, no matter how severe and heavy your snoring is.

Sincerely, Dr. Ian Hong


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